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Innovation & Leadership studieren | Master | Full-time study

Innovation & Leadership (MBA) Int.

Master-Studium Full-time study Without NC from 560,- / month

In our globally networked economy, innovations are increasingly determining competition and therefore also the success of companies. Internationalization and globalization mean that the pressure to innovate is not only affecting global players, but increasingly also SMEs. Future generations of managers will therefore be faced with the challenge of keeping their companies competitive with market-creating innovations and efficiency-enhancing strategies. Only in this way can Germany's economic engine "Mittelstand" with its high number of successful global market leaders and the "Made in Germany" seal of quality remain successful.

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Full-time study:
Your advantages

  • The FHM all-round carefree package
  • Small study group
  • 100% practice-oriented studies

Admission requirements

What you should bring with you

Formal requirements for admission to the MBA program at the FHM are a university degree with 210 ECTS points and qualified, practical professional experience of generally no less than one year before starting the MBA program. Applicants with a Bachelor's degree with 180 ECTS points must alternatively acquire the missing ECTS points. This can be acquired at the FHM through a compact additional examination within the regular study period. You can find more information here.


The following documents are required for your application:

Curriculum vitae

Proof of higher education entrance qualification (general higher education entrance qualification, etc.)

Proof of a university degree

Proof of one year of professional experience

Proof of qualifications/further training (in practice, through seminars/training)

What you can expect during your studies

Traditional German production companies find themselves in a highly competitive market. Through innovation, however, company leaders can gain a decisive competitive advantage and operate successfully on the international market. This requires personalities with assertiveness, vision and entrepreneurial spirit, who can operate in an international environment with business know-how and a flair for innovation. The MBA course in Innovation & Leadership combines the areas of "General Management", "Leadership" and "Innovation Management" and interlinks the major challenges of globalization, the pressure to innovate and leadership qualities. Some of the course content is taught in English to ensure internationality. A special highlight of the course is the two-week excursion abroad to New York or another innovation hotspot, where international management is brought to life.

  • Global Management & Corporate Responsibility (english)
  • Global Marketing & Sales (english)
  • Corporate Entrepreneurship & Startup
  • Digital Transformation and Change Management
  • Fundamental Innovation Management (english)

  • Business Cases & Expert Colloquiums (english)
  • Fundamentals of Leadership
  • Open Innovation & New Product Development
  • Innovation Networks & Field Studies (english) inkl. Exkursion


  • Innovation Management Project & Research Methods (english)
  • Study in Practice (SiP) (english)

Your prospects after graduation

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) Innovation & Leadership qualifies you in the two areas of "Innovation Management" and "General Management" and prepares you perfectly for a position in top management. This is because innovations increase productivity and release capital, which results in maintaining competitiveness. With its economic focus and operational project phases, the MBA aims to sustainably strengthen leadership and management skills, skills that should not only be mastered by top management, but also by second, third and fourth-level managers. Depending on their leadership style, they are responsible, among other things, for exploiting the innovation potential of their team members.

Possible areas of activity are:

  • Corporate management
  • Strategic corporate development
  • Export or import trade
  • Procurement or sales management
  • Management of foreign subsidiaries or sales companies of German companies
  • Personnel management and intercultural leadership
  • Service providers, such as agencies or consulting firms
  • Marketing and customer relationship management
  • Quality assurance and management
  • project management

At a glance

Innovation & Leadership (MBA) Int. Full-time study
All the facts about your studies

Creditpoints: 90 ECTS
Duration: 24 Months
Start of studies: October

Locations and tuition fees

You can complete your Full-time study here

Face-to-face studies
in Berlin

660,— € / Month

Total costs : 15.840 €

Your advantages

  • Classroom teaching on campus
  • Direct line to the professors
  • Fixed curriculum

Face-to-face studies
in Rostock

560,— € / Month

Total costs : 13.440 €

Your advantages

  • Classroom teaching on campus
  • Direct line to the professors
  • Fixed curriculum

All locations for your Innovation & Leadership-studies:

Berlin Rostock

You're impatient and don't want to wait until the next information evening? We can understand that. Ours Student Advisory Service is looking forward to your call: 0800 311 32 23

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Solltest du Probleme mit dem Formular haben, ruf uns gerne unter der Nummer 0800 311 32 23 an. Wir sind für dich erreichbar und führen dich gerne durch den Prozess.

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Our contract management team will review and process your submitted application documents and then contact you. Carefully reviewing your application documents will take a little time. All further communication will be done via email. Therefore, please check your e-mail inbox regularly (if necessary also in the spam area).